Iron Man 2 : A tale behind the Mark IV & V

Last night, I watched Iron Man 2 and decided to write something about the movie today. So, now I am getting some interesting review for the film.

The film is good for both new and old audiences. This plot has not much connection with its prequel except some points. I am not going deep into those points. Let’s come to some noticeable pros and cons about the movie!

Reasons to watch the movie :

  • The visual effects are enjoyable! Matthew Libatique did his work very well! So, the Cinematography wouldn’t disappoint you.
  • The background score is comparatively different from the first part but John Debney’s tracks are appealing.
  • As we expect RDJ to make our movie experience better, then we got him right. His performance is better than all. His narration is full of attitude, passionate, softness and sympathy! He wins all our votes!
  • The usage of technology is worth to watch. I mean, Mark IV and making of Mark V is better than first part. The Mark IV armor is handy while Mark V armor is deadliest and less harmful to Stark!!
  • New entry Scarlett Johansson is pretty good. She looks more lethal than Gwyneth Paltrow!
  • Script-writing is good sometimes!
  • Stark kisses Pepper in the end! (He he he…)

Reasons which cause you find the sequel less interesting :

  • The story telling is loose somewhere, I mean there is lack of surprise sometimes.
  • The villain can’t prove himself as promising as he did in first encounter with Tony Stark.
  • I don’t find Don Cheadle is more effective then previous “Rhodes” Terrence Howard!
  • Climax has higher action packed sequences but dull!

But, I bet you… You can’t neglect the movie! My rating is 3.7/5. So, go watch the movie at least once. And its worth to buy original DVD when its going to release!


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