About Neo

About Neo :

I am a simple guy with complex life. Everything around me is designed to teach me something. I hate being practical sometimes, I love my own world of fantasies and dreams! Yet I am trying to face the real world. I am introvert and reserved by nature! Less talkative and techno savvy! I love to know new things about technologies!!I am happy with who I am, I suppose you might count me as an arrogant guy, But I am not!!! I just don’t disclose myself to all! And those who don’t take me seriously, I also don’t take them seriously! I am a stupid computer freak, clear case of multiple personality! Yet, I am not a psycho! Lolz… I just have to keep equilibrium between my diff identities in my real life! I have my own rules; I am being driven by my own rules. I’ve some silent features, but you’ve to be close to me you know me. I am sweet, cute, calm, good adviser, friendly, understanding, and fire in ice! And yes, I warn you that I am a dark sided mysterious guy, so enter into my world at your own risk! Because once you know the inner me, you can’t stop yourself to be addicted to me!


* Music
* Movies
* PC Games
* Reading
* Story Writing
* Traveling

Favorite Movies

* Iron Man
* Spiderman Trilogy
* Batman Begins
* Batman:The Dark Knight
* The Matrix Trilogy
* Mission Impossible Trilogy
* The Bourne Trilogy
* Transporter 2
* Transporter 3
* Die Hard 4.0
* Constantine
* City Of Angels
* The Lake House
* Kate & Leopold
* Casino Royale
* Quantum Of Solace
* Sweet November
* Twilight
* A Beautiful Mind
* Vivah
* U Me Aur Hum
* Mission Kashmir
* Dil Chahta Hai
* Guru
* A Wednesday
* Waqt

Favorite Music

* (Artists)
* Enigma
* Delirium
* Royksopp
* Conjure One
* Hybrid
* Ramin Djawadi
* David Arnold
* Danny Elfman
* John Powell
* Steve Jablonsky
* Geoff Zanelli
* A. R. Rehman
* Hans Zimmer
* (Genres)
* Electronica
* Ambient
* Trip-Hop
* Progressive Trance
* Lounge
* Soundtracks
* I like the music which soothes my mind.

Favorite Books

* Five Point Someone
* Angels & Demons
* Twilight
* New Moon
* Eclipse
* Breaking Dawn
* Khelndo
* The Bourne Identity
* The Bourne Betrayal


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